The process itself is the goal

How to focus and have self-discipline

The Pilsum Lighthouse, on Germany’s North Sea coast.

If we get rewarded only for results and not for processes, we will become pretty miserable.

How do I keep myself focused?


My book “Ojos en un recuerdo” in Diego Marin bookshelf store, in Murcia (Spain)


The specific sport itself is an irrelevant detail as far as you feel comfortable. The act of doing sport is the key here.

Me (left) participating in the “Grappling Industries” BJJ tournament in Berlin, 2020.


Personal tricks

It’s not about removing your old habits but replacing them with new ones.

How to improve your habits

Habits emerge without our consent. To save energy, the brain creates a habit loop that looks for a trigger to cue a behavior.

Repetition is the key. Make it easier to do what you want to do. Make it harder to do what you want to stop doing. Enjoy the process: that’s the goal.

Me next to The Pilsum Lighthouse, on Germany’s North Sea coast.

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