How to focus and have self-discipline

No goal should be an achievement on its own, but the process itself helps us to go in the direction of these goals.

Goals, in business and in life in general, should be conceived as directions, where their real intention is to help us accomplish more in the way we…

It’s an integration, not a choice

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There are two known schools in TDD: the mockist school (aka Outside-in) and the classicist school (aka Inside-out).


In TDD, there are two known schools: the mockist school (aka Outside-in) and the classicist school (aka Inside-out).

Why London and Chicago?

Two companies, one from London and another from Chicago, claimed…

Design or Workflow?

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These are two different techniques. The key to each of them is about the mindset and context of what you want to achieve.

BDD is a “test-driven feature”

Basically, it’s a test-first driven development, where the main focus is ensuring the expected final behavior, and therefore the result of the software…

It’s not a promotion. It’s a role change.

Archetypical Story

The Trident Career Model by Patrick Kua has three tracks. Each track represents where people spend most of their time or energy.

Individual Contributor

  • 70–80% time spent on “Executing, doing”.
  • Designing. Testing. Coding.


  • 70–80% time spent on “Managing the system”.
  • Planning. Organizing. Supporting. Budgeting.

Technical Leader

  • 70–80% time spent on “Leading Technical Topics &…

The uncomfortable truth about human nature

The psychologist Solomon Asch

During the early years of World War II, when Hitler was at the height of power, Solomon Asch began studying the impact of propaganda and indoctrination while he was a professor at Brooklyn College’s psychology department. He also was a professor for 19 years at Swarthmore College.

During the 1950s…

The power of contributing to OSS ⌨️

What is Open-Source Software (OSS)? 🤔

OSS shares similarities with free software but it’s not the same.

Free software is a form of OSS, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be free. For example:

  • PHPUnit is an example of OSS which is free.
  • Spryker is an example of OSS which is not free.

Why choosing when you can have both?

Pull Requests

A Pull Request (PR) is basically a way of showing your suggested code changes such that they are easily comparable with the existing source code. This is part of a workflow that helps developers to share knowledge about the changes that are being done within the system.

A Pull Request…

Who moved my cheese?🧀

Published in 1998 and I just read it at the beginning of 2021. Better late than never. Actually, thanks to my brother Jesús, who recommended it to me.

The book Who moved my cheese? presents a tale inside the main story that consists of four characters: two mice, Sniff and…

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