How to focus and have self-discipline

The Pilsum Lighthouse, on Germany’s North Sea coast.

If we get rewarded only for results and not for processes, we will become pretty miserable.

Why is it so complicated?

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The root of the problem

It’s not a promotion. It’s a role change.

Archetypical Story

The Trident Model of Career Development

Individual Contributor

  • 70–80% time spent on “Executing, doing”.
  • Designing. Testing. Coding.


  • 70–80% time spent on “Managing the system”.
  • Planning. Organizing. Supporting. Budgeting.

Technical Leader

  • 70–80% time spent on “Leading Technical Topics & Teams”.
  • Aligning Team. Technical Vision. Growing Tech Knowledge.
    Tech Risk & Tech Debt Management.

What is a Tech Lead

The uncomfortable truth about human nature

An example of one Asch experiment slide.

The psychologist Solomon Asch

The power of contributing to OSS ⌨️

What is Open-Source Software (OSS)? 🤔

  • PHPUnit is an example of OSS which is free.
  • Spryker is an example of OSS which is not free.

OSS is basically software that is public, open to the world.

Benefits — for a company 🛕

  • Adoption: the easier the access, the easier the adoption.
    Training and tutorials help the system to grow.
  • Tech: often on the cutting edge of technology.
    Tech moves fast. They will get obsolete if they don’t.
  • Community: the people around…

Why choosing when you can have both?

Pull Requests

A Pull Request is the moment where you ask your peers to review and check out your code changes.

  1. For discussions about code style.
  2. To spot potential bugs.
  3. For architectural or design discussions once the solution is done.

Pull Requests aren’t the best tool for everything

Who moved my cheese?🧀

The new functional language. Fully interoperability with PHP 🚀

The Phel Language


  • Built on PHP’s ecosystem
  • Good error reporting
  • Different Datastructures (Arrays, Tables, and Tuples)
  • Macros
  • Recursive functions
  • Powerful but simple Syntax
  • REPL

Why Phel?

  • A LISP-inspired
  • Functional Programming language
  • That runs on cheap hosting providers
  • And is easy to write and debug

How to escape the mocking hell

What happens when you mock something?

In a unit test, mock objects can simulate the behavior of complex, real objects and are therefore useful when it is impractical or impossible to incorporate a real object into a unit test.

Another way of sharing quick suggestions with your team

Imagine this situation

What possibilities are there apart from just comments in a PR?

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